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Magickal Names

Magickal Names

Sometimes, when a Witch dedicates her/himself to the Craft, he/she takes a new name symbolizing his or her rebirth, much like receiving a Christian name at a Christening.
Not everyone chooses to take a magickal name. And one isn't limited to just one magickal name or the same magickal name for all life. Sometimes we feel the need to adapt our name as our lives change.
How do you find your magickal name? Well, it's different for each person. The name you choose should say something about you. Some people research, others do mediation, some just flat out know. Do you have an affinity to a specific Deity? Is there any animal, plant, tree, stone, etc. that you are drawn to?
Magickal names can be derived from anything. The common themes are taking the names of Goddesses or Gods or choosing a facet of nature that represents you.
Some Witches start out with a single-word name and then add additional ones as they progress in the craft. Some Witches have multiple names - one for their Coven, one they use in solitary workings, one for "the public" (for online, networking, etc.)
One thing to keep in mind though: The titles Lord and Lady are usually reserved for those who have reached a second degree initiation. Some Witches believe they are titles that should be earned, not assumed.


Are you a Witch without a Magickal Name? Or haven't found that ' Perfect One ' yet? Well, here are some suggestions with their meanings.

ADALIA ( Gr. Noble One )
ADARA ( Gr. Beauty )
ADONIA ( Gr. Beautiful )
ADORA ( Fr. Beloved )
ALAINE ( Fr. Dear Child )
ALAURA ( Lat. Laurel )
ALENA ( Gr. Bright One )
AMADORE ( Ital. Gift Of Love )
AMARA ( Ger. Immortal, Steadfast )
AMARANDE ( Gr. Immortal )
AMARIS ( Eng. Child Of The Moon )
AMBRA ( Fr. Jewel )
AMBER ( Fr. Jewel )
ANGENI ( N.A. Spirit )
APOLLINA ( Fr. Gift From Apollo )
AQUENE ( N.A. Peace )
AZURA ( Eng. Clear Blue Sky )
BONAMY ( Fr. Good Friend )
CALLIA ( Gr. Beautiful )
CALLIOPE ( Gr. Beautiful Voice )
CAMEO ( Ital. Skin; Pinkish Stone Or Shell )
CATERINA ( Ital. Pure )
CATORI ( Hopi Spirit )
CATRIONA ( Celt. Pure )
CHARIS ( Gr. Charity )
CHENOA ( N.A. Dove )
CREISSANT ( Fr.To Create )
CRESSIDA ( Gr. Gold )
DABRIA ( Lat. An Angel )
DAKOTA ( N.A. Friend )
DAMARA ( Gr. Gentle Girl )
DARALIS ( Eng. Beloved )
DEHEUNE ( Celt. Divine One )
DIVONE ( Celt. Divine One )
DYANI ( N.A. Deer )
EARTHA ( Eng. Of The Earth )
EBONY ( Eng. Dark Beauty )
EDANA ( Celt. Passionate )
ELETA ( Fr. Chosen )
ENA ( Celt. Fiery; Passionate )
ENID ( Celt. Spirit )
ENOLA ( N.A. Solitary )
ERMIN ( Lat. Universal; Whole )
ESME ( Asax. Kind Defender )
ETHNE ( Celt. Fire )
FANCHONE ( Fr. Free )
FAYE ( Fr. Fairy )
FILIA ( Gr. Friendship )
GAVENIA ( Scot. White Hawk )
GEMMA ( Fr. Jewel )
GRAINNE ( Celt. Love )
JACY ( N.A. The Moon )
JAVAN ( Lat. Angel Of Greece )
KACHINA ( Hopi Spirit )
KASSIA ( Gr. Pure )
KENDRA ( Asax. Prophetess )
KIMI ( Algon. Secret )
LADONNA ( Ital. Lady )
LEALA ( Fr. Loyal One )
LENA ( Gr. Light )
LONA ( Eng. Solitary One )
LORNA ( Lat. Alone; Solitude )
LUCIA ( Ital. Light )
LUCRETIA ( Lat. Brings Light )
MAIDA ( Eng. Maiden )
MEDA ( N.A. Priestess )
NATANE ( N.A. Daughter )
NENET ( Eng. Goddess Of The Deep )
NEONA ( Gr. New Moon )
NIAMH ( Ir. Bright )
NOKOMIS ( Daughter Of The Moon )
OBELIA ( Gr. Pillar Of Strength )
OLATHE ( N.A. Beautiful )
ORENDA ( N.A. Magic Power )
ORELA ( Lat. Announcement From The Gods )
ORIANNA ( Lat. Golden; Dawn )
ORIEL ( Fr. Golden; Angel Of Destiny )
PANTHEA ( Gr. Of All The Gods )
PANYA ( Lat. Crowned With Laurel )
PHILANA ( Gr. Lover Of Mankind )
PHILOMENA ( Gr. Lover Of The Moon )
RAISSA ( Fr. Thinker )
SAGE ( Lat. Prophet )
SOLITA ( Lat. Alone; Solitude )
TANIA ( Lat. Fairy Queen )
TERENTIA ( Gr. Gaurdian )
THADEA ( Gr. Courageous )
VALA ( Eng. Chosen )
VERENA ( Ger. Defender )

ACELIN ( Ger. Noble )
ADONIS ( Gr. Manly Beauty )
AIDAN ( Celt. Fire )
ALASTAIR ( Eng. Defender Of Mankind )
ALTAIR ( Gr. Star )
ATHAN ( Gr. Immortal )
BALDER ( Scan. God Of Light )
BARDO ( Scan. Son Of The Earth )
BRENCIS ( Lat. Crowned With Laurel )
CAEDMON ( Celt. Wise Warrior )
CATON ( Span. Knowledgable, Wise )
CYRUS ( Per. Sun )
DELANO ( Fr. Of The Night )
DMITRI ( Gr. Lover Of The Earth )
EINAR ( Scan. Warrior; Leader )
EOIN ( Wel. Young Warrior )
GUNNAR ( Ger. Bold Warrior )
KASPAR ( Per. A Treasured Secret )
KEENE ( Celt. Wise )
KOEN ( Ger. Honest Counselor )
LARAMIE ( Fr. Tears Of Love )
LARS ( Scan. Laurel Crowned )
LEIF ( Scan. Beloved )
LUCIAN ( Lat. Man Of Light )
MADDOCK ( Wel. Generous )
OBERON ( Ger. Noble )
PANAS ( Russ. Immortal )
PILAN ( N.A. Supreme Essence )
RAINER ( Ger. Counselor )
RUNE ( Ger. Secret )
TIERNEY ( Celt. Lord )
ZELIG ( Ger. The Blessed One )

Elemental Names
Earth: Alluvia, Arroyo, Beck, Bare, Cairn, Chalcedon, Clay, Crag, Crystal, Dolman, Dune, Gemma, Greenwood, Grove, Jet, Ley, Mesa, Moraine, Obsidian, Onyx Ravine, Savanna, Shale, Stone, Sylvan, Sylvana, Tarn, Telluria, Topaz, Tor, Vale. ~*~

Air: Aether, Anemone, Argon, Boreas, Cardea, Gale, Hurikan, Keen, Khamseen, Mesembria, Miasma, Myst, Notus, Scirocco, Skye, Tempest, Typhon, Vortex, Windflower, Zephyr. ~*~

Fire: Agni, Ardent, Baelfire, Blaze, Candelifera, Censer, Chandelle, Dittany, Ember, Firefly, Flame, Glint, Gorge, Magma, Phoenix, Prometheus, Pyrrha, Salamander, Scorch, Smoke, Smolder, Sylph, Tallow, Taper, Torch, Vesta, Vulcan. ~*~

Water: Amberella, Amphora, Aquamarine, Avalanche, Brine, Brook, Cascade, Chalice, Delta, Deluge, Dylan, Hailstone, Hoarforst, Llyr, Maelstorm, Moonsoon, Niagra, Nile, Oasis, Oshun, Pearl, Rain, Riverine, Scald, Serac, Storm, Telechine, Tide, Torrent, Trill, Tsunami, Wave, Weir. ~*~

Names from the Deva Kingdom
Any flower, herb, or tree can be used for magical names. Herbal names are common in magical communities, but plants not usually heard of include.

Agrimony, Aloe, Amaranth, Anise, Betony, Buckthorn, Chervil, Damiana, Elecampane, Gentian, Germander, Lovage, Mastic, Medlar, Melilot, Oleander, Pomergranate, Savin, Samphire, Tamarind, Tarragon, and Yarrow. ~*~ Plants that are considered especially magical such as:Aconite, Belladonna, Blackthorn, Bryony, Galangal, Hellebore, Mandrake, Nightshade, Rowan, Vervain, or Wolfbane. ~*~

Names from Myth and Legend Male power names: Anu, Cernunnos or Kernunnos, Shango, Cuchulain, Gilgamesh, Hercules, Marduk, Poseidon, Samson, Taranis and Thor. ~*~

Female power names: Ambika, Boadicea, Cartimandua, Dellah, Durga, Galiana, Kali, Macha, Mong Ruadh, Morrigan, Myrine, Nessa, Onomaris, Oya, Scathach and Vashti. ~*~

Female Amazon Names: Aella, Antandre, Antianira, Antiope, Clymene, Evandre, Harpe, Hippolyta, Lyce, Melanippe, Myrian, Omphale, Otrere, Pantariste, Penthesilea, Polydora, Thalestris, Thoe, Xanthe. ~*~

Male Centaur Names: Ancius, Argius, Centaurus, Chiron, Crotus, Dexamenus, Elatus, Eurytion, Hippotion, Hylaeus, Nessus, Oreus, Phrixus, Thereus. ~*~

Satyr Names: Astraeus, Gemon, Lamis, Leneus, Lycon, Napaeus, Orestes, Pan, Petraeus, Phareus, Pithos, Poemenius, Satry, Satyrion, Satyrius, Satyros, Silenus. ~*~

Nymphs: Abrya, Andrastea, Anthracia, Asteria, Asterodia, Chian, Chreyse, Crannae, Dryope, Echo, Harmonia, Leuce, Marica, Menthe, Moria, Mytoessa, Neda, Nephele, Orphne, Perdix, Phiale, Philyra, Phyllis, Pitys, Rhene, Thisbe. ~*~

Male Fairies: Aillen, Amadan, Dubn, Brown Man, Cluricaun, Credene, Donn, Gachan, Ginvarra, Ghillie, Kelpie, Luchtar, Melwas, Oberon, Puck, Rhys Dwfen, Tamerlane, Trow, Tylwyth, Urisk, Wichtlein. ~*~

Female Fairies: Aeval, Aine, Airmed, Aoibheal, Banshee, Bendith, Caer, Clethard, Cliodna, Donagh, Eri, Glaistig, Uaine, Grania, Mab, Summer, Titania, Una. ~*~

Names from History and Geography Gods of Magic: Aba-aner, Abbarais, Apollonius, Carinondas, Carrefour, Curio, Damigeron, Dardanus, Djedi, Djeheuty, Ea, Enki, Gintan, Gwydion, Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus, Hifmoses, Irin, Mage, Khonsu, Magus, Marduk, Merlin, Mithras, Musa, Necta-nebus, Nama pomilius, Simon Magus, Thespion, Zamolxis, Zoroastres. ~*~

Names of Witch Goddesses: Angitia, Aradia, Arionrhod, Aset, Berchta, Carman, Cessair, Circe, Dalukah, Diana, Ertha, Etain, Greine, Hallawes, Hecatlene, Hecate, Helice, Maia, Margawse, Marie Laveau, Medea, Medusa, Morgana, Memain, Nimue, Rhiannon, Vivienne, Yamaya. ~*~

Geographical Places: Abydos, Alexandria, Amenti, Bablonia, Byblos, Carthage, Delphi, Eire, Erin, Giza, Ionia, Karnak, Nubia, Olympus, Persis, Petra, Salem, Saxon, Sedona, Sumer, Tata, Troy, Tyre, Umbria. ~*~

Priestesses: Althea, Boadicca, Cleopatra, Devadasi, Dryope, Enhedunan, Entu, Heira, Hypatia, Io, Istarith, Jesebel, Cassandra, Mambo, Nadith, Nefertiti, Phryne, Qadishtu, Sagae, Shamanka, Sibyl, Thastius, Volva. ~*~

Male Druid Names: Amergin, Calatin, Cathbad, Dubhtach, Emrys, Lochru, Myrrdin, Niul, Olc Aiche, Ono, Rechard, Senias, Sitchenn, Tages, Taliesin, Torsdan, Tulchinne, Urais. ~*~

Female Druid Names: Aoifa, Birog, Bodmall, Camma, Druidia, Dryde, Fidelma, Gaine, Canna, Geal, Chossach, Miluchra, Sin, Smirgat, Tlachtga, Veleda. ~*~

Names of those killed in the burning times: Agata, Appollonia, Babel, Barclay, Barthelemy, Brigida, Bruno, Chantraine, Duncan, Elspeth, Horne, Isobel, Jennet, Joan, Jordemaine, Kilian, Kirstin, Lachlan, Macette, Marable, Margarethe, Margrat, Melchoir, Mirot, Og, Osborne, Powle, Redfearne, Sabina, Sylvanie, Veronika, Visirer, Wyles. ~*~

Alchemy Names: Alchemilla, Alembic, Antimony, Argent, Cinabar, Electrum, Khemeia, Luna, Magistery, Qemt, Quicksilver, Regulus, Zaphara. ~*~

Dragon Names Male: Dracunculus, Drake, Draco, Firedrake, Mandrake, Ladon. ~*~

Female: Delphyne, Dracena, Mandragora, Medea, Tiamat. ~*~

Wolf Names Male: Fenris, Lycaon, Lycastus, Lycomedes, Lycotherses, Lycus. ~*~

Female: Faula and Lupa ~*~

Raven Names Male: Adam, Bran, Bram, Corvus, Kronos, Morvran, Vron ~*~

Female: Badb, Eriu, Etain, Macha, Medb, Nemain. ~*~

Bear Names Male: Arcas, Artaios, Arthgen, Arthur, Wachabe. ~*~

Female: Andarta, Artio, Brauronia, Callisto, Ursula. ~*~Serpent Names Male: Ananta, Mahanaga, Ophion, Ourobros, Python ~*~

Female: Kundalini, Lamia, Pythia, Serpentine. ~*~ Horse Names Male: Abraxas, Aethiops,

Arion, Bellerophon, Chrysippus, Hippomedon, Hippomenes, Melanippus, Pegasus, Phaethon, Sterope, Xanthus. ~*~

Female: Epona, Hippodaemia, Hipponoe. ~*~

Sun, Moon, Star, Names Solar Names: Amaterasu, Ammon, Apollo, Arinna, Aten, Corolla, Daystar, Greine, Helios, Inti, Ra, Saule, Shams, Sol, Solara, Sunna Sunflower. ~*~

Lunar Names: Albina, Bendis, Cereus, Hecale, Hecalene, Hillel, Hina, Ix, Chel, Lunah, Moonlight, Moonstone, Moth, Nannar, Nyame, Phoebe, Selene, Sin, Thoth, Yarisk, Zarpandit, Zirna. ~*~

Astral Names: Aldebaran, Algol, Altair, Andromeda, Antares, Aquila, Ara, Arcturus, Astra, Capella, Cassiopeia, Celeste, Circlet, cygnus, Eridanus, Hesperus, Lyre, Lyra, Mira, Nebula, Nova, Orion, Perseus, Polaris, Saah, Sagitta, Sirius, Sothis, Star, Stella, Triangulum, Ursa, Vega. Zodiac signs are also the names of a constellation and thus a potential astral name..


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I was looking for a name for my new vehicle and thank you so much as soon as me and my 6yr old daughter came across MOONSTONE we both new that was the perfect one....Blessed Be

Robin Conwell said...

I was looking for a name for my new vehicle and thank you so much as soon as me and my 6yr old daughter came across MOONSTONE we both new that was the perfect one....Blessed Be

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Carly Castellanos said...

So many beutiful names. I love the moon, anything to do with night and darkness but it is so hard to choose a name. Also just starting on this beutiful path so not sure on what name would fit me best.

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